250Kal is a food company with a difference, we're all about creating tasty treats that don't use refined sugar and have fewer calories

It all started back in 2008, when I was diagnosed with diabetes - not the typical type 1 or 2 diabetes, but a halfway house variety, where you fall in between the two common forms of diabetes. This required a complete change of diet and lifestyle and the elimination of refined sugar from my diet.

the-guysTogether with my sister, Denise, we tried to find a way of making my favourite foods without using refined sugar, which was much more difficult when it came to those treats we all like to have from time to time. After many experiments, where most things ended up in the bin rather than in our tummies, we carried out a lot of research on how to make good tasting cakes and deserts without using refined sugar, but also without using chemically created sweeteners.

After many failed experiments we managed to produce some good tasting results. At our regular dinner get-togethers, we'd try something new and use our family and friends as unofficial testers. Over time we refined our efforts and came up with some really tasty treats that didn't contain refined sugar and also contained a lot less calories.
We have continued to refine our recipes and will be adding lots of new products during 2017 through our new production facility.

We are currently available through SuperValu stores in Dublin and Wicklow and will be extending to national coverage with SuperValu during 2017, you can also enjoy some of our products while having a coffee in Insomnia. We will be launching into Spar outlets and other retailers during 2017 so keep in touch for updates on new outlets and products.

The 250Kal Difference

Always Low Calorie - or as we like to put it Kalories Always Low.

We will always ensure a serving of our products will be less than 250 calories - in some cases a lot less! We believe it's important to keep your calorie intake within the RDA, Recommended Daily Average, and cakes and biscuits can have lots of calories!

No Refined Sugar

We all know that sugar tastes great, however it also has some downside - too much of this stuff causes problems, as is being constantly reported by health experts around the world. We don't use refined sugar in our recipes, but we don't use any chemical sweeteners either, only natural products that taste as good without some of the side effects.

Only Natural Ingredients

All of our ingredients are natural products, we will never use artificial ingredients in our products! We source the best ingredients we can find locally and take pride in putting as much care and effort into producing the best products we can.