2017 Lots of New Outlets and New Products

250KAL has spent the last 10 months preparing to upscale our production and creating a range of new products, including a range of products for 'kids' which has been requested by parents concerned about high sugar products for their children - this new range will be tooth friendly yet tastes delicious and does not strip…
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Taoiseach & Tanaiste try 250KAL Treats!

The Taoiseach & Tanaiste try 250KAL's range of low sugar/low calorie cakes at the recent press conference announcing a €250Million investment in job creation - we did try and argue that a million per calorie was a good trade but don't think we managed to convince the Tanaiste!
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Why Sugar is Addictive

Sugar and Cocaine Produce Same Results in the Brain?? At 250KAL Foods we’re all about reducing sugar and calories in our cakes & pastries, and for good reason. Sugar can be incredibly addictive for lots of people, causing the same response in the brain as cocaine according to this video from Nicole Avena!  When sugar…
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