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The What?

250Kal produces a range of quality baked treats that are all less than 250 calories per portion. 250Kal products are made with natural ingredients, are low in calories, free from refined sugar and contain no artificial stuff!

The Why?

Since being diagnosed with Diabetes in 2008, sugar is off the menu for me, but the reality is we should all be cutting down on our sugar intake, the 250Kal range of healthy treats helps reduce sugar consumption, with less calories, while tasting every bit as good as their full-sugar/calorie equivalents

The Where?

250KAL is constantly expanding its store coverage, currently our range of low-sugar/low-calorie treats are available in an ever-increasing number of SuperValu outlets in Dublin & Wicklow and most Insomnia outlets nationwide

Now you can Have Your Cake and Eat It!

Let's face it, we all love a sweet treat - we know coffee and tea works soooo much better when we partner it with our favourite cake or muffin.  We also know that most of our favourite treats are loaded with calories and sugar and sometimes other stuff - all of which we should be managing by paying more attention to what we eat.  At 250KAL we set ourselves a target of making all of our treats without refined sugar, keeping every portion below 250 calories and making them taste great - we'd love you to try it for yourself so send us an e-mail to and we can point you in the direction of your nearest outlet!